Commitment to Safety

MVH Group is committed to provide a safe, efficient and friendly work environment. To maintain this environment no job or service shall have such priority that time cannot be spared to perform the job or service safely.


Commitment to Quality

MVH Group is committed to delivering quality services and products to all our clients.
We are:

Committed to exceptional client service. We believe that market leadership is based primarily on performance and reputation; and Contemporary business management, product and delivery systems. MVH Group is committed to deliver our client’s, suppliers, contractors, projects and products to the highest quality and value adding by accessing the assets within our company structure.


Commitment to Environment

MVH Group is commitment to protect the environment and to minimise the environmental impact of, activities by where ever possible preventing pollution, responsibly managing waste generated through activities and managing projects to prevent environmental degradation through erosion of land and sedimentation of creeks and waterways.